Papers and books

(to appear) Dutch P-stranding and ellipsis: Merchant’s wrinkle ironed out. (With James Griffiths, Anikó Lipták and Jason Merchant).  The Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics

(2021) Morphosyntax and phonology of agreement in Turkish.  Syntax.

(2020) Variability in the realization of agreement in Turkish: A morphotactic account. In Morphological Complexity within and across Boundaries: Essays in Honour of Aslı Göksel, eds. A. Gürer, D. Uygun Gökmen, B. Öztürk Başaran. Amsterdam:John Benjamins. [pre-print draft version]

[**** Important note: in the published version of this paper Güneş 2020 is referenced as “Interface of syntax and prosody in Turkish. In Kuramsal ve Uygulamalı Sesbilim [Theoretical and Applied Phonology], İpek Pınar Uzun (ed.), to appear, Seçkin Yayınevi, Ankara.” this is a mistake.

The correct reference to Güneş 2020 is “Güneş, G. 2020. Morphosyntax and phonology of agreement in Turkish.  Syntax.”.****]

(2020) Nuclear prominence in ellipsis: evidence from aggressively non-D-linked phrases in British English. (With Anikó Lipták), the Journal of Linguistics.

(2020) TÜRKÇEDE BÜRÜN VE SÖZDİZİM ARAKESİTİ [Syntax and Prosody Interface in Turkish]  In I. P. Uzun (ed.),  Kuramsal ve uygulamalı sesbilim [Theoretical and Applied Phonology]. 157-195: Ankara: Seçkin Yayıncılık. ISBN:978 975 02 6012 4

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(in prep.) Phonetic correlates of deaccentuation in Icelandic and its relation to givenness. Ms., Leiden University (with Nicole Dehé)

(in prep.) Against PIC in phonology: Evidence from variable prosodic domains in Turkish. Leiden University. (With Aslı Göksel) [handout]

(in prep.) Word formation and phrase formation strategies in Turkish prosody: On what is mapped and what is not. Ms., Leiden University.

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